Who we are

We focus on quality start-ups and early stage companies with talented and passionate founding teams who need seed investors, expert executive advisory, top management services, capital raising and/or capital growth to scale up their businesses and make it a real commercial success.

We support proven and disruptive business models in the consumer and corporate space across a wide arrange of industries, with a focus on Telecommunications, Mobile, MVNOs, IoT, Satellite, Aerospace, Web and software, cloud/storage/platforms, Technology, AI, Media and Fintech.

We partner founding teams and help them develop and execute their entire strategic plan, supporting them all along the way with complete flexibility through a combination of services (capital investment, advisory, management, recruitment, partnerships development, etc…)

  • We are a boutique company providing world-class advisory, executive and investment services to selected startup and early stage companies.

  • Headquartered in Madrid, we have a global reach through key consolidated and emerging hubs like Madrid, London, Moscow, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Yerevan.

What we do

We provide a combination of unique tools for quality early stage companies to thrive, scale and make the big leap.

  • Seed Capital

    Seed capital investment and advisory services for great ideas, startups and passionate entrepreneurs willing to make a difference in the market, our society and the world. Lead the future starting from design.

  • Early Stage

    Early-stage investment and premium advisory services to place your Company in the next level. We can co-invest, help you build and execute a winning plan, and provide the management, networking and partnership tools to make a big leap.

  • Advisory Services

    Many can provide capital, but what can really help you is capital investment combined with world-class advisory services. From ideas, concierge services and MVP to full entry and go-to market plans, revamp, turnaround and pivot plans. Get simple, expert, and actionable insights and results instead of tons of nice presentations.

  • Executive and Management Services

    Executive management services

    You like to focus on the product, the service and the technology. You want experienced, top executives to help you drive and run the corporate stuff. Or simply, you want experienced C-level executives to help you during negotiations, partnerships, deals, corporate development, financial transactions (M&A, exits) and more.

  • Capital Raising and Growth

    Besides our direct investment, we also work with many partner VCs, Investors, and Investment bankers to design and execute the capital raising strategy which work best for you and your Company. Because what you do is unique, what we do is tailored for you.

  • Board Services

    We provide qualified, usually Independent Board Services, to enrich your Company’s strategic steering, raise its profile, and support its evolution and growth by accessing the right tools, contacts, potential clients, partners and knowledge.

Know how we can help you win

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  • Stop dreaming, start doing.

  • We work with the founding teams to understand where they want to take their Company. Then we sketch what needs to be done to make it happen, and we design the tailored support required throughout the several stages of the company. Every case is unique and requires a unique plan and course of action. We work with the founding teams to understand where they want to take their Company to. And we design the tailored support to make it happen.

  • We only help when we believe in you, your product and your service. And we can help your Company thrive and become the next big thing.


We are a team of experienced BoD and C-level executives of top technology and multi-national companies with a strong success story in competitive technology environments for >15-20 years. In this time, we launched, grew and managed innovative companies and products in the technology, telecom, MVNO/E, satellite and aerospace domains. This experience, our global reach and our combination of direct and backed capital will uniquely help your company to make the difference.



Technology, Telecommunications, Wireless, Mobile, fintech, MVNOs, MVNEs, MVNAs, and IoT, Satellite and aerospace, Media and Content, Cloud, storage, platforms, Enterprise SW, Big data, analytics, Web applications, services, apps and SW, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, biomedical and bio-science

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Board and C-level executives of top technology and multi-national companies for >15-20 years.

Experience launching, growing and managing innovative companies and projects in the technology, telecom, mvno/e, satellite and aerospace domains.

High-quality connections to access knowledge, skills, investors and top recruiters, to reach partnerships and to negotiate large deals and transactions.

Global reach and presence in consolidated and emerging hubs worldwide, like the Silicon Valley, London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, Miami and Yerevan.

Besides leveraging investors, VCs and PEs, we also have our own capital for direct investment in early stage companies.

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Red Queen Ventures is an integral partner combining investment, executive leadership, consulting, advisory and recruiting. Besides our experience, expertise and global network there are more reasons why we can help you.

We are not a conventional VC
We are not conventional
We are not a conventional VC

We are not primarily a finance company.

We only invest when we can really bring additional value and expertise to the founding team

Advisory and execution

Not only advice and not only paper.

We work with you and for you as part of the team. From crafting the entire strategic plan, to flexibly supporting its execution, going as far as running the business

We grow with you

We focus on making your company big.

Winning the market, generating sustainable value for the founding team and the rest of stakeholders. Because valuation is not everything that matters

What is needed when it is needed
All that is needed
What is needed when it is needed

Money is important, but not always.

. Because helping your Company to make a large leap requires more than one thing, and more than money

  • Expert advisory, executive and capital services to make a meaningful leap.


Red Queen Ventures

World-class advisory, executive and investment services for early-stage quality companies


Madrid . London . Moscow . New York .
Miami . Los Angeles . Yerevan